Harbour MiniGUI Extended

Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition, which informally called MiniGUI, is an environment for developing desktop applications in Windows. It is a combination of two languages:

  • For back end programming and data handling, Harbour, an open source xBase language which is a superset of Clipper, which is itself a superset of dBase.
  • For front end GUI, a set of simple commands to the Windows API based on VB RapidQ style.

All GUI objects can be created and managed with very simple code.

The basic components of MiniGUI are:

  • Harbour (default) or xHarbour compiler (translates source code into C)
  • MiniGUI library (commands and functions to handle the GUI)
  • Borland C++ (default), MinGW, Visual C, Open Watcom, or Pelles C compiler

The Harbour MiniGUI IDE may be used for two-way visual design.

In addition to GUI applications, with MiniGUI you can also create console mode and mixed GUI-console applications.

Do not confuse Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition with:

  • MiniGUI, an open source GUI system for Linux and embedded operating systems that is not related to Harbour MiniGUI
  • HMG, the parent project of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition
  • ooHG, an object oriented library based on HMG