Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition


Harbour Project  •  harbour.github.io  •  Open source, cross platform xBase compiler for developing general purpose desktop applications, especially database applications.

xHarbour Project  •  xharbour.org  •  Another open source, cross platform xBase compiler, very similar to Harbour.

NSIS  •  nsis.sourceforge.net  •  Open source system for creating Windows installation programs.

HWGUI  •  sourceforge.net/projects/hwgui  •  Cross-platform GUI library for Harbour.

HMG  •  sites.google.com/site/hmgweb  •  Parent project of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition.

ooHG  •  oohg.org  •  Object oriented library based on HMG.

HMGS-MiniGUI-Extended Build  •  sourceforge.net/projects/hmgs-minigui  •  Harbour MiniGUI source with HMGS-IDE.

Harbour Magazine  •  medium.com/harbour-magazine  •  Publication about Harbour programming language.

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