Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition


Current version
19.12 — 2019.12.12

To install and use MiniGUI, you will need the following tools:

MiniGUI uses Harbour and Borland C++ by default. To use MiniGUI with Harbour and Borland C++, you must download and install the following two files. Harbour binaries are included in the first file. To upgrade a previous installation of MiniGUI, you need only to download and install the first file.

There are also an auxiliary add-on binary archive for a correct launching of the MiniGUI advanced samples:

If you are using xHarbour, you will have to download and install xHarbour and then configure MiniGUI to use xHarbour.
See Getting started for additional information.

There are also a donationware build for the FREE Embarcadero C++ 10.1 Berlin compiler and command-line tools:

The following file is a history of changes to all versions of MiniGUI.

Additional samples and help files are in the Files area of the Users group.

See also

See also Links and Getting started.